The Writings of Vanadis


Serenity Lithae
26 July
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WARNING: I am an acquired taste.
Beware of exceptionally long entries.


I am Serenity Lithae; with many interests and many eccentricities. I am an artist and a student. I enjoy technology and the natural world. Science fiction and science fact. I don't believe having contradictory personality aspects is a bad thing; it, in fact, gives us texture and flavor. Complexity is a beautiful thing.

I only ask that people be honest, with themselves and with me.
I generally I am far too open-minded, with a side of empathy.


I'm very interested in meeting new people, especially someone like-minded but also different enough to learn from eachother.
Dark-minded but also elegantly structured mentality. Intelligence is another key thing I look for in all of my friends, and respect of course.
Art, reading, nature, and the sciences are all good things.

Anything I can say could only be a sort of vague guideline.
I guess I just want to meet someone kind.
abstract expressionism, alice in chains, almost human, alphas, animals, anime, anthropology, ao no exorcist, art, artistic expression, asatru, astronomy, bathory, beauty in darkness, bill nye, bitten, black metal, blade runner, blood lad, carl sagan, celtic mythology, cencoroll, chihayafuru, clan of xymox, cosmos, cyberpunk, dance in the vampirebund, dansai bunri no crimeedge, dargaard, dennou coil, doctor who, drawing, egyptian mythology, elder futhark, esoteric folk, eve, experiencing life, experimentation, exploring, fantasy, faun, firefly, forests, foxes, freedom of choice, gintama, greek mythology, grimm, hagalaz runedance, hagure yuusha no estetica, hakkenden, hemlock grove, hexentanz, hexperos, hiking, hitsuji no uta, human rights, hyoubu kyousuke, inari, intelligence, inuxboku ss, japan, japanese, japanese mythology, jewelry making, kamisama dolls, kamisama hajimemashita, kitsuke, kitsune, korean drama, kuugen tenko, kyuubi no kitsune, lbgt, learning, learning japanese, learning languages, lgbt rights, lgbtq, lgbtq rights, life, love, meeting new people, merlin, miketsukami-kun, moon and the nightspirit, moss, mushishi, nae yeojachinguneun gumiho, natsume yuujinchou, neil degrasse tyson, neuromancer, neuroscience, night, nihongo, no. 6, norse mythology, ookami to koushinryou, ozma, painting, philosophy, pi, pitch black, primordial, psychology, reading, roman mythology, sankarea, science, science fiction, science-fiction, sharing a connection, shigurui, shingeki no kyojin, siouxsie and the banshees, sket dance, star trek, strike the blood, studying, swimming in nature, teen wolf, the forest, the natural world, the pursuit of knowledge, the woods, theoretical physics, tokyo ravens, tomoe, torchwood, trobar de morte, true blood, ulvens dottrar, ulvens döttrar, vampire hunter d, vampire hunter d: bloodlust, vampire prosecutor, venom, vàli, walking barefoot, walking in nature, warehouse 13, waterfalls, william gibson, wolves, xxxholic, youkai, young dracula